"After establishing that mankind is altogether lost (Rom. 1–3), he makes his case for justification by grace through faith alone (Rom. 3–5). This salvation experience is an empowering grace, which has severed our ties to sin, broken sin’s power over us (Rom. 6–7), and has now enabled us to walk in the newness of life by the Spirit (Rom. 8). This salvation is the gospel to both the Jews and Gentiles (Rom. 9–11). And now both people groups (Jew and Gentile) must continually walk in the newness of Spirit life, empowered to serve the body of Christ through Spirit graces, or what we call “spiritual gifts” (Rom. 12).

Kennedy, Jeff. Father, Son, and the Other One

“Let us summarize the role of the Spirit as depicted in John 14–16. He guides into truth, calling to remembrance the words of Jesus, not speaking on his own, but speaking what he hears, bringing about conviction, witnessing to Christ. Thus his ministry is definitely involved with divine truth. But just what is meant by that? It seems to be not so much a new ministry, or the addition of new truth not previously made known, but rather an action of the Holy Spirit in relationship to truth already revealed. Therefore the Holy Spirit’s ministry involves elucidating the truth, bringing belief and persuasion and conviction, but not new revelation.”
Millard J. Erickson, Christian Theology